Wireframe planning and final designs.


Create an entire back-end system to allow companies to upload videos to our servers in order to push out daily videos to the customer, while also designing and producing the customer-facing application available on any device and operating system.

Challenges & Solutions

In the beginning of this project there wasn't a clear direction for how the customer would end up being exposed to the back-end system we were creating. Along the process of designing and exploring the new material, an agile approach to the project became the best fit. This allowed the team to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing requests and direction of where this application was headed.

The biggest challenge for this project was ensuring communication between all the parties based in Washington, Colorado, and Virginia. To solve the issue we kept all of the working files on Balsamiq (a web based wireframing tool) for instant feedback, we kept in touch with daily phone calls to clarify small issues, and met in-person at least once a month to explain new additions to the project.

Onvia Exchange

Procurement tracking made easy.

NORAD Tracks Santa

Keeping up-to-date on Santa's location.

News Application

Relevant local news wherever you are.