NORAD Tracks Santa

NORAD Tracks Santa in different devices.


We had wanted to showcase how NORAD can track each and every part of the Earth in order to help families track Santa. To start, the page would load showing the planet Earth in space with little NORAD satellites surrounding the globe, from there one could scroll down through the clouds and land upon Santa's Village.

Challenges & Solutions

Our target audience were families with children in the age range of 3–8 years old. Since we had taken such a different approach to how a website is usually laid out, we were worried that there would be some navigation issues. From our User Reserach studies held at BlinkUX, we saw that the navigation was not an issue at all, and the interactive spinning Earth was a really big hit.

During the studies we noticed that The Library section demanded too much focus from both the parent and the child, so we made plans for the following year to liven up the text and place in more interactive reading to keep both parties interested.

We had also noticed that Santa's Village was rather flat in this low-poly themed world, so we added some animation with elves across the village, and depth to the scene by including more mountains in the background. This also proved to be more entertaining with the audience.

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