Onvia Exchange

What the original single-page site used to look like.
The redesigned site with its new look and feel.
The new site is also responsive.
A brand new page to house each agency's history.
The new pages are also responsive.
What adding award information looks like on the iPad.


Since the entire user-base for this product are government agencies, we had to make sure that each item was easily scannable and legible. The team consisted of resident experts in our subject matter as Project and Product Managers, which allowed us insight into important items that were necessary to show on the results pages.

Challenges & Solutions

This is a brand new product that currently has no comparable competitors, so every sprint was treated as a testing area for our select beta users. We wanted to be sure that what we were creating would actually help solve the issue of mismanagement of each agency's historical procurement documentation. We already had 90% of the information on our end, so we wanted to showcase that well while still giving the user the opportunity to add information if necessary.

The design went through about 5 different layouts before landing on the one you see above. To ensure the entire team was inline with each change we had daily standups, end-of-sprint UATs, and monthly meetings with the VP of Product.

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